Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little blips of excitment!!!!

The first awsome news that I receved is that while in Toronto A Perfect Circle is going to be there doing a show!!!! If I see them I may literaly die on the spot.

Second and not quite as exciting is that this friday im going to see Neutral Milk Hotel. I dont like them all that much but its a chance to hang out with some good friends and be carefree for a couple hours. (and we all need that)

I'v been playing Red Faction as my daily stress relief because there is nothing like killing mars with a sledge hammer!

There is one thing that I have found is missing in my life at this moment, and no matter what angle I try I just dont see this one happening for a while. What I have my mind set on and am now dreaming about is the adorable unconditional love of a puppy! I want one so bad but all the important people in my life are just shooting the idea down :(

Um I dont think iv talked about this yet but some friends and I are trying to get a vlarp (vampire live action role play) started this process is going really well but I still need the rest of the books and my pockets arnt so deep lately :(.

The last thing is that I think in June im going to go to anime mid atlantic but The problem is that the day it starts is the tentative date for me getting back from toronto!!!!! I hate when things always seem to happen on the same days drives me nuts, but there decisions that have to be made.

well I still promis pictures and more posting its going to happen maybe ill type some short storys or story ideas for my vlarp I dont know... I do what I want

Happy Hunting

Sunday, March 20, 2011

ok so I can use this on my phone! That makes things alot easier.

So I got to go see rango, it was very dissapointing. There where a few one liners her and there all jumbles together with prostate and lesbian jokes??? Looking past all this though the animation was amazing.

um nothing much exciting going on. We had an awsome cookout where we smoked tons of meat and it was awsome. Ipromise pictures soon just have to wait till i can acess my computer. Went on a horse ride today that was awsome. Thats it for now more frequent updates will be a good thing I know and pictures they are a must

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To pass a french class

French... sigh all I can say is that passing french has been a three year struggle for me. between sucking at forien language and haveing a teacher you dont see eye to eye with it becomes increasingly dificult.

After today I was ready to throw in the towl call it quits on the whole french subject. But then I read a post of facebook it said, "bad things happen to good people, because good people are the ones that can handle the bad things. Now im ready to finish out this last nine weeks the best I can so good people with bad things go out! push forward tell the world kiss my ass I can make it through and I dont care what you say.

Also sorry there was no post yesterday id like to have at least one a day.

to paths diverge in a wood and instead of choseing I grew wings and flew.

Hope this has been inspering haha!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bread hell

This is where I was today! Sometime along the way I decided I wanted to do an idependant study. This week was a bread sale. So there I was imagining all the awsome types of bread I was going to sell. The list quickly grew and after narrowing it down I have a list of seven breads.

Now seven might not sound like that much untill you imagine that I need to make 10 batches of each. For anyone who doesnt like numbers thats 70 loves! Good lord when thursday roles around i will be super happy to say see ya to all 70 of the little jerks.

Now that the rant portion is out of the way lets talk about something that literaly made me fall speechless. Ke$ha we all know her some of us love her. Well Ke$ha to me is like a guilty pleasure. while most people steal a nibble of chocolate I pop in Ke$ha and wail along with one of the terrible yet catchy songs. Well the other day I looked up the music video for Blow and after watching I litteraly couldnt speak I was so.... There are still no words that I can say. You really just need to see this for yourself. Ill say this it involves unicorns and heart shaped bullets that explode into rainbows?????

Monday, March 14, 2011

What is my world?

So here I am.... I find myself at a threshold difficult for me to pass. At 18 years old my life consists of work, plays, and cooking. Yup cooking thats the true passion here im my head. Why did I start a silly blog? Well idk thought it will be fun. What is it going to be about? The answer is simple. Whatever the hell I want. I might review a moive or two suggest music that I find or share recipes. Also I can't spell well never have been able to so if theres something wrong, oh well thats part of me and my world.

So its a monday and it sucked!!!!! why did it suck well since this is my first post and I dont want to set a terrible mood ill tell you what was good. This morning was great because, I got a part in the play! Im the clerk in a courtroom trial play about a lady who killed her husband... or did she its all up to the jury to decide. The jury in this play consists of twelve random members of the audience and depending on there verdict there are two seperate endings. Exciting its going to be awsome were haveing a fun mix of teachers and students and im really looking forward to the production.

Im looking forward to a few things here in the next couple weeks of life. The first is (and this is a little silly) I want nothing more in life then to see Rango it looks like the little lizard would be so funny. I hope to catch this peice of work this weekend ill let you know how it goes. the other moive im looking forward to is Sucker punch. Girls fighting robots with swords. How can that not be exciting?