Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little blips of excitment!!!!

The first awsome news that I receved is that while in Toronto A Perfect Circle is going to be there doing a show!!!! If I see them I may literaly die on the spot.

Second and not quite as exciting is that this friday im going to see Neutral Milk Hotel. I dont like them all that much but its a chance to hang out with some good friends and be carefree for a couple hours. (and we all need that)

I'v been playing Red Faction as my daily stress relief because there is nothing like killing mars with a sledge hammer!

There is one thing that I have found is missing in my life at this moment, and no matter what angle I try I just dont see this one happening for a while. What I have my mind set on and am now dreaming about is the adorable unconditional love of a puppy! I want one so bad but all the important people in my life are just shooting the idea down :(

Um I dont think iv talked about this yet but some friends and I are trying to get a vlarp (vampire live action role play) started this process is going really well but I still need the rest of the books and my pockets arnt so deep lately :(.

The last thing is that I think in June im going to go to anime mid atlantic but The problem is that the day it starts is the tentative date for me getting back from toronto!!!!! I hate when things always seem to happen on the same days drives me nuts, but there decisions that have to be made.

well I still promis pictures and more posting its going to happen maybe ill type some short storys or story ideas for my vlarp I dont know... I do what I want

Happy Hunting


  1. Don't let people cut down your idea of a puppy. I want one too and am always getting my ideas and dreams cut down...sigh... I hope all is well with you and good luck with everything else in your life.

  2. When's your next entry gonna come? I like reading your blog. ( :