Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bread hell

This is where I was today! Sometime along the way I decided I wanted to do an idependant study. This week was a bread sale. So there I was imagining all the awsome types of bread I was going to sell. The list quickly grew and after narrowing it down I have a list of seven breads.

Now seven might not sound like that much untill you imagine that I need to make 10 batches of each. For anyone who doesnt like numbers thats 70 loves! Good lord when thursday roles around i will be super happy to say see ya to all 70 of the little jerks.

Now that the rant portion is out of the way lets talk about something that literaly made me fall speechless. Ke$ha we all know her some of us love her. Well Ke$ha to me is like a guilty pleasure. while most people steal a nibble of chocolate I pop in Ke$ha and wail along with one of the terrible yet catchy songs. Well the other day I looked up the music video for Blow and after watching I litteraly couldnt speak I was so.... There are still no words that I can say. You really just need to see this for yourself. Ill say this it involves unicorns and heart shaped bullets that explode into rainbows?????

1 comment:

  1. I've constantly been thinking of my friend Keisha J when you've said Ke$ha, and gotten the two confused. Now I know what you mean.

    Never knew bread could be so fascinating, hahaha!